Below is the list of services we offer. Unfortunately, we do not do APPLE hardware repairs.

Hardware Services

Hardware DiagnosticsIdentify and fix hardware issues.
Hard Drive ReplacementSwap out a failing or damaged hard drive.
Memory UpgradeIncrease RAM for improved speed and multitasking.
Power Supply RepairRepair or replace faulty power supplies.
Overheating IssuesSolve overheating problems in laptops.
Screen ReplacementReplace damaged or cracked screens.

Software Services

Virus and Malware RemovalThoroughly scan and remove viruses and malware.
Operating System UpdatesUpdate and patch the operating system.
Software InstallationInstall and configure software applications.
Password RecoveryRetrieve forgotten or lost passwords.
Blue Screen ErrorsTroubleshoot and resolve blue screen errors.
Software UpdatesEnsure all software is up to date.
System RestorationRestore computers to factory settings.

Data and Storage Services

Data RecoveryRetrieve lost or deleted files.
Data BackupSecurely back up important data.
Data TransferTransfer data between devices and platforms.

Network and Connectivity Services

Network TroubleshootingResolve connectivity and network problems.
Wireless Card ReplacementUpgrade or replace wireless network cards.
Wi-Fi Signal BoostingImprove Wi-Fi signal strength and coverage.

User and Security Services

Password Security SetupEnhance security with password setup and tips.
Keyboard and Mouse RepairFix non-functional or damaged input devices.
Peripheral SetupConfigure printers, scanners, and other devices.
Remote Tech SupportGet assistance online for various issues.

Customization and Specialized Services

Laptop Hinge RepairRepair or replace broken laptop hinges.
Graphics Card UpgradeInstall a better graphics card for gaming.
Custom PC BuildsCreate tailor-made PCs for specific needs.
Computer RecyclingDispose of old computers and electronics.