Volunteer Work

Fun Facts:

  • Served in the ASF (Auxiliary Security Force) as base security before joining my first submarine command.
  • Performed in the Silver Dolphins Color Guard and performed at several ceremonies and events including presenting Colors at ESPN Friday Night Fights at Foxwoods Casino and Resort and the N.Y. Mets MLB game.
  • Host video game tournaments for M.A.P. Technologies in Downtown Baltimore.
  • Co-hosted a radio show called Blassst Radio on 88.9 WEAA in Baltimore.
  • Teach podcasting to anyone willing to listen.
  • Was apart of several podcasts.
  • Worked with a team that collaborated with Red Bull to stream the Red Bull Valorant College Tournament in Ohio.

My Name is Jonathan (Jon) Williams. I am a US Navy veteran with over 20+ years of IT experience, specifically working as an IT Support Technician in in-person roles and help desk support. I also possess skills in other trades such as Graphic Design (intermediate), Web Design (intermediate), Social Media Management and Photography. All self-taught with no formal training. Outside of my professional life, I volunteer for multiple STEM related non-profits for whom I judge robotics competitions and coach robotics teams. I also serve on the Board of Directors for Let’s Go Boys and Girls. In addition, I work with the Women’s Housing Coalition as an Instructor for their Computer Literacy program where I helped secure the initial grant to get the program started and wrote the curriculum.

There are three experiences that I attribute to my professional growth in the IT field and they were working for the US Navy, Best Buy and Erickson Living. The Navy not only gave me a wealth of experience working as a technician but also  prepared me to become an effective leader and mentor. Even at the low rank of E-3, which is equivalent to a Team Member or Apprentice in the civilian world, I was thrust into leadership roles at various points in my military career despite not holding the equivalent rank based on my work ethic and ability to adapt to any situation thrown my way. Oftentimes managing groups as large as 20 people. I learned to successfully lead and delegate work to varying degrees of success which in turn lead to promotions and rewards. By the end of my 5-year military career I achieved the rank of E-5 which is equivalent to assistant manager.

After a 6-month stint at Micron Technologies working as a RDA technician, I became burnt out by the IT field and was seeking a career change. During that time I had to find temporary employment until I could figure out my next steps and ended up working Loss Prevention at Best Buy. I made an immediate impact during the first couple weeks in the role.  Not only did my supervisors and managers see how seriously I took my job but they saw how I was able to lead from my position. I motivated our sales people and also made sales from the front door, especially selling computers without having any prior sales experience. Often, I was pulled from the front door to help customers on the sales floor in any department where I was needed. Although I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the products we sold, I quickly learned about the products in every department. Eventually, I was given the opportunity to supervise the Computer Department when the position opened. Within the first 6 months I was promoted to department supervisor and had won Employee of the Quarter, twice, and Employee of the Year that year. The reason I left Best Buy was because during that time, Best Buy was going through financial hardships and consolidated their supervisor positions so instead of losing my current supervisory position, I stepped down and eventually left.

Between leaving Best Buy and eventual transition back in IT full-time, I worked on a couple of IT Help Desks honing my customer service and IT troubleshooting skills. Also during this time, I started my current company called Infinite Social Solutions offering web development, computer repair and social media management services as an independent contractor. 

Once I made my way to Erickson Living’s IT Service Desk, I took the collective knowledge from my previous jobs and was able to apply everything to this new position. I started several projects that helped improve proficiency and started a streamlined process of communicating with Tier 2 and Tier 3 support which helped improve resolution times and overall customer satisfaction. Before being promoted to IT Coordinator, I assisted the Help Desk Manager with prospective employee interviews and team training. All of this led to my promotion to IT Site Coordinator. As IT Site Coordinator, I was responsible for providing IT support for 2,000+ residents – troubleshooting computer issues, setting up electronic devices or any other IT related activities. I was also back-up support for the IT Site Manager who was responsible for handling employee related IT issues and maintaining the campus network. During my time there I participated in two computer refreshes, successfully diagnosed a Wi-Fi inefficiency that affected residents which eventually resulted in the upgrade of the entire Wi-Fi network, and started teaching Basic IT classes to residents. The classes were then adopted by IT Managers and Coordinators at other Erickson Living communities. 

In summary, my diverse background spanning over two decades in IT, coupled with leadership experiences gained from the US Navy, Best Buy, and Erickson Living, has equipped me with a unique skill set and a proven track record of success. I am eager to bring my expertise in IT support, leadership, and project management to [Company Name] and contribute to its continued success. Thank you for considering my application. I am looking forward to the opportunity to further discuss how my skills and experiences align with the needs of your team. Please find my resume attached for your review.


Jonathan (Jon) Williams