🌸🌼 Spring Diagnostic Sale! 🌼🌸

Now through June 20th, schedule a FREE diagnostic and get 20% off the following services and packages, if needed:

💻 Virus Removal: Only $40 (Original price $50)

💾Hard Drive Upgrade (including data transfer and OS install): Just $80 (Original price $100)

📂 Data Backup/Transfer: Only $48 (Original price $60)

*Note: Hardware replacements and external damage repairs are not included in the sale. This includes fixing/replacing keyboards, monitors, external case damage, or other peripherals.

Our FREE Diagnostic Includes:

🦠 Virus Scan: Detects any malware or viruses on your system (does not include removal).

📦 Storage Integrity Test: Checks if your hard drive is in good condition or needs replacement.

🔋 Power Supply/Battery Check: Ensures your power supply and battery are functioning properly.

💾 CPU & RAM Check: Evaluates the performance and health of your central processing unit and memory.

⚙️ System Performance Check: Assesses overall system performance to identify any issues.

📍 In-store drop-off only.

Don’t miss out on these amazing deals! Schedule your free diagnostic today and ensure your system is running smoothly! 🌟#SpringSale#TechDeals#FreeDiagnostic#ComputerRepair#InStoreOnly

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